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When I decided to stop cutting calories about a month ago in favor of bulking and trying to finally put on some muscle mass, I thought it would be awesome.

No more restricting myself from donuts. No more meal prepping every single week. No more going to bed hungry. I was going to eat everything… the entire world, and feel no guilt about it. That’s the good life, right?

Well, not really.

There are a few unfortunate realities of bulking that I have learned over the past month:

  1. It feels really, really shitty to be full. It puts me in an uncomfortable food coma. And in order to meet my daily calorie goal of around 2600, I have to be full a LOT. 2600 calories a day doesn’t sound like that much food, but it actually is if I’m getting my calories from whole foods and proteins instead of consuming empty calories. Which brings me to…
  2. I still shouldn’t be trying to eat everything. There’s really only two macronutrients that directly contribute to building muscle, and those are carbs and protein. And studies show that carbs from fructose-derived sugar (that means fruit juice, soda, candy) do NOT go to your muscles. So those dreams of filling myself with blue raspberry cotton candy probably are going to stay dreams.
  3. It’s hard to keep up with my scheduled workout progressions. I’m currently doing a program called Stronglifts 5×5, which calls for squatting 3 times a week and increasing the weight EACH TIME. So because I’m bulking now and getting enough calories for muscle growth, the expectations are much higher for my workouts.

So, bulking isn’t all fun and games. Everyone hates cutting and wants to be in the land of eating whatever they want, whenever they want, and getting super muscular in the process. But unless they want to gain a ton of excess fat along with that muscle, it seems that moderation is still key.

Still lookin’ skinny


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