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I made a claim back in December that I was going to conquer my weight plateau of 172 lbs, once and for all. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t seem to make any progress to dip under that weight.

Well, guess what, fools?! Things have changed. Here’s the three month progress update.

Progress Report

weight march 17

As of March, I’m hovering around 163 pounds, which means I’ve lost 9 pounds since the last update. I know, that’s a pretty slow loss. 9 pounds in 12 weeks? Come on, Andrew, that’s not even 1 pound a week. I know, chill.

But it IS pretty significant to me because of a couple reasons. First, my weights I use during lifting have not really decreased that much. Therefore, most of my strength is still there, which is hard to manage on a diet.

Second, I GOT PAST MY PLATEAU. Seriously. That’s a huge mental victory, because I was starting to doubt the legitimacy of counting calories and the whole mathematical premise behind this blog. My brain kept saying “man, no matter how much meal prepping and dieting I do, I’m just not losing weight! Maybe I’m destined to have love handles forever.” But in reality, after really looking at the numbers, I wasn’t really building much of a calorie deficit. I would eat well for most of the weekdays, but then I would do crap like go out drinking on Friday night and end up binge eating late night Whataburger, which undid all the deficit I accumulated during the week.

Now I know that counting calories is still legit. Now I know that it still works. Hell yeah.

Lessons Learned

There were also a few things I’ve learned (or re-learned) these past three months, that I think are worth talking about.

  1. Breakfast is overrated. I plan on making a separate post about the overstated importance of breakfast, but here’s the lowdown: you don’t NEED breakfast, especially if you’re trying to eat less. And more importantly, eating breakfast early in the morning can lead to hunger coming before lunch. This is a big deal, because it increases the likelihood of overeating during lunch. Some people diet better WITH breakfast, however. Other types of people will do better eating only a large lunch and dinner. (I find that I can go either way.) The only way to find out what type of person you are is to try it for a couple of weeks and assess your results.
  2. I eat more when I’m stressed. I don’t think this is a revolutionary discovery to anyone, but stress-eating is definitely a real thing. Whenever I’m stressed at work or looking for a distraction, I tend to bust open one of my snacks in my desk, or buy a snack from the machine, even though I’m not really hungry. One time, I even asked my coworker, “when’s the last time you’ve felt TRUE hunger? I can’t remember, honestly.” as I was munching on a granola bar. The irony is real.
  3. People will question the goal. Literally every time I have told a person that I’m limiting my calories, they give me a confused look and say “Why? You’re skinny”. Look, this is KEG TO SIX PACK, not Keg To Kinda Skinny. There’s a big difference. I still have flab on my stomach.

    This person is skinny, but doesn’t have a six pack:
    skinny without abs

    This person is skinny and has a six pack:
    skinny with abs

Good thing I don’t get motivation from others, because if I did, I’d be satisfied with just being kinda skinny right now. But that’s not enough. Hell nah. I’m not gonna stop until I can grate cheddar cheese on my abdominal muscles.

As I sit here eating my carrots and hummus, I ponder. Should I even make personal posts (such as a progress update) on this blog? I know there’s mostly tips and tricks type posts so far on the site, but I want to keep a little touch of a personal “journey” to a six pack, as I described on the About page. I dunno, man. If you have a strong opinion, let me know in the comments!


  • Matt Gallian

    I don’t think breakfast is overrated at all. I can eat a HUGE breakfast for only 350 calories. It also gives me a little bit of hope as the night rolls on and my hunger rises before bed. Atleast I think to myself “mmm shit I can’t wait for fuckin breakfast”. Also, when counting calories and macros, it’s a great way to get your first decent dose of protein in for the day. Just my opinion though! Great work on the blog and congrats on your weight loss! I feel I have the same struggles as you.

    • Admin

      Yo Matt! This is true, I fuckin’ love breakfast too. But I find that after I wake up, I don’t always get hungry right away, and I can hold off a little on eating. Therefore, I can save my calories for other meals. I do eat breakfast every weekday though, and get about 35g of protein each time, which is great.

      Thanks for your words!

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